Coming from Madison on the way north to Eau Claire is a little turn off that takes you to Lodi and the most lost motel on the planet; this night is far darker than most but the moon has been going in and out of the cloud banks and now, as I head into Lodi under a sky so dark even the shadows get lost, the moon is there in front of me, being squeezed into a corner of the sky by a huge cloud bank... and I am watching this celestial squeeze play with awe so I pull over and kill the lights. Darkness. And the moon is now a bright firey orange orb and I watch from the road as tthe clouds, ever so slowly, ever so deliberetly, swallow the last spec of orange and it is suddenly so dark, so quiet and so still...celestial works on a galactic scale, with sowtimes nightly if you just look up.


After Pittsburgh it was back to Buffalo for a show at Nietzsche's... and then Cleveland by way of the lake route which goes thru Erie and a few other rust belt areas... the buildings here are magnificent in their decay and they cast a strange, unsettling spell, a vortex of slow de-construction that seeps into you as you look at them; and you just can't look away.

It's sad, but beautiful, in a way, to see this in such a state of decay... like a drunk who keeps feeling in his pockets for spare change, the lingua franca for 24/7 cocktails, while looking for his next drink in a bar he can't seem to find as he feels his way down the sidewalk... ever so sure it is right around the corner.

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