Six acoustic guitars are the usual set, all are tuned differently... but recenty I added three more and now the standard package is 6 acoustics and one electric...
Tunes to open G, open A, open C and a number of bass harmonic tunings
Tunes to open E and is a workhorse for slide and benders
Bass to D, also open D... perfect tuning, beautiful soundings and very rich harmonics
If it's good, you only need one... a Fender Tele with the original Paul Bigsby Tremolo Bar - a first production model from 1969 - they were started and built as a standard on 1968 - 73 tele models
Three different road amps - a Fender Twin, a Fender Stage 100 and a Fender Princeton 65 - all tube except for the Stage 100; the Princeton is a great amp for warm-ups and a great amp for running a dispatcher green bullet mic thru it for harmonicas
I use a number of different pedal board strategies all have the HUM-Debugger, which is a must if you use Fender gear and you need to kill that 60 cycle hum...
Download stage plots for solo sets and trio sets in .pdf formats
I f you are on the road and in a bind, check out jim moridian in boston, check out guitar emporiam in louisville, ky and check in with todd and carl in lacrosse, wi at dave's guitars because all these guys are the best of the best...

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