Rainy Day Karma

Rainy Day Karma

September 1, 2014
Eric Sommer
Clyde is Thinking
Number of discs: 1

Putting your past clearly in focus and then de-structuring it down to the atomic level isn’t for the weak at heart. In fact, if you can do that, and are fortunate enough to survive the experience, you emerge bloodied, bruised and battered but so much the better for it. Taking a page out of Chaucer and guided by the writings of the American poet Wallace Stevens, the hunt came home and laid on the doorstep a loud, ruckus-like cyclone of songs and musical bits that pull from the past and drop-kick the listener into the future, where you arrive fully immersed in a cranked-up, amped-up and rock and blues’d up version of 1984 meets brazil meets the hangover.

The groove is up-tempo, the philosophy much better than most divinity student’s entrance essay, and the sound and guitarin’ a new high for anyone with a pulse left over from the new year’s eve office bash.
The smart honesty of the lyrics and the adept story telling mix with the excellent production values and vocals to bring forth a gem of sonic expression that’ll make you want the first pew forever in the church of loud slide guitar. An emotional roller coaster and swinging vocals plus caustic social commentary and trim, powerful guitarin’ leave little left to save you as your fingers pull away from the bannister railing…

Recorded in Pittsburgh, PA
Hollywood Studios

Engineer: Matt Vaughn
Mastering: Image Audio
Label/Distribution: Clyde is Thinking
All songs by Eric Sommer
SESAC Nashville / Publisher

Eric Sommer: guitars, lead vocals
Dave Katilius: Bass, vocals
Percission: Matt Vaughn

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