The Twilight Narratives

An Anthology of Dusk-to-Dawn Short Stories

img src=" belzonis.png" single red leather barber chair sits in a mid-century barber shop waiting for a customer">

Belzoni stood in the doorway, squinting into the dark interior. On the back wall, a large sign said Barbershop; it had a large, old-style peppermint-stick barber pole sign out front, too, which drew him in from the street. The interior, as best he could tell…

– Belzoni’s Calling London 2021

img src=" Ripple.png" large pleasure sailing boat glides thru the waves with a full sail">

It was a bright, new day. The sun was high in the sky, the air clear, crisp and a slight but steady breeze kept Algorithm’s blonde hair loose and hard to control. It really didn’t matter. She had been tormented all morning by the worst sort of …

– The Ripple Effect, Elmyra, NY

img src=" lift tickets.png" lone deep powder skier shoots down the mountain">

On a day like today, Patterson Reece was kicking it hard into high gear. Face it: life as a bike messenger in Chicago wasn’t worth a whole lot. The lawyers who wrote the stuff he carried were, as far as was concerned, made as much sense as…

– Lift Tickets, Please, Corning, NY


20 feet off the ground, leaning back to get the last touché of pink onto the wall panel, Walmart DeVille was sure it was all over today. The end of the line. The last hurrah of Walmart DeVille, Dutch Master, Painter Extraordinaire.

– Cigars of Wooden Shoes  NYC

img src="diner.png" alt="classic diner booth brings back all the beauty of the diner experience and the characters swirling around the counter">

No, more than that: a bad, terrible, miserable, awful day. The kind of day that kills you inside, sucks all the energy and beauty out of you, and leaves you feeling like a deflated balloon left on the party table amid unopened presents, paper plates

– Majestic Diner Winona, MN

img src="balloon.png" alt="a hot air balloon sails up and into the sky">

Solar Cleveland enjoyed doing things different. And doing them differently. Different things made sense to him, because he was a little different himself; being tall and extremely thin, at thirteen years old he felt uncomfortable in the mainstream…

– Balloon of High Flyers  NYC

img src="saved.png" alt="a house that was in the yard behind me yer was one of the epicenters of NYC Art">

Once I got my head through the old, rotted, paint-peeling, vine-covered fence boards with my ears still intact, the rest of my eight-year-old frame squeezed through a little easier. The board in the middle of the fence was loose at the bottom and…

– Ruth’s Kitchen Middlebush, NJ

img src="stripes.png" alt="a camping trip into the wild, the Himalayan mountains and the feared Bengal Tiger">

Let me begin with this fact: I was in a boarding school for several years. Several years on the roof of the world. In a place so remote, so unique, and so unlike anything I could have imagined, that it’s still like a dream. Although it started out as a nightmare…

– Stripes  Darjeeling, WB India,

img src="radio.png" alt="a car radio, a dark and stormy night out in the farming fields of Lima, Ohio">

Just pulled into Richmond, Kentucky; I’ll be playing here Friday night, then I head down to Berea, Kentucky, on Saturday night, then up to Chapel Hill and a few days off; just coming from Earls in St. Paul. Driving last night from Ft. Wayne, Indiana… 

– Radio Baseball Gods  Lima, Ohio

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