“Europe, Europe” on Radio Tfsć

Three songs from the past few records have been in heavy rotation on Radio Tfsć, Stuttgart, GDR and “Europe, Europe” has just been added off Rainy Day Karma 2012!

Several years ago a small independent radio station appeared on the internet. And it slowly wedged itself into a position of authenticity and integrity. How?  Primarily due to the fierce independence of the owners and curators. They refusal to take money, advertising or payoffs for play time…


That’s quite remarkable when you think about it. Since then, Radio Tfsć Stuttgart seems to have emerged as one of the new “go-to” outlets for new music of all kinds. This is a welcome change in the radio winds of fortune. And among the many outstanding artists the station features is Eric Sommer, an “under-the-radar superstar” (MidWest Record, 2019) who is everything any singer, songwriter of guitar player/musician would want to become.

Today, be a content producer

How? With 5 studio records to date, one live recording from Austin, Texas and a wonderful collection of prose and short stories. Oh, and non-stop touring. In the process, this guy has amassed an amazing catalog of songs, a treasure trove of unique perspectives, and critical, off-the-path arrangements of words, music and commentary. And a collection of guitars to die for!

Eric Sommer is a singer, performer, rambler and one of the finest touring guitar players in the land.  Next time he’s in your area, go see him, and you’ll be glad you did. You’ll see  something special: Eric Sommer on stage, singin’ an’ guitarin’ like no tomorrow!

He’s been everywhere and done just about everything: Tours with Nick Lowe, Steve Earl, David Bromberg, and British Pop icons Wreckless Eric and Bram Tschicovsky plus, as the frontman for the ATOMICS, Eric guided the band through three national tours with Mission of Burma, Gang of Four and The Dead Kennedys – putting the ATOMICS squarely in the center of the Post Punk and New Wave cyclone…

Starting out

When Eric started out, he was mesmerized by a certain number of guitar hero’s which he listened to and tried to emulate and copy, among them Paul Butterfield, Steve Howe and Chet Atkins. Then there’s the story of how he started out finger pickin’, but only he can tell that one!

Europe, Europe” digs into the unique position the EU finds itself in currently, and emphasizes the trade off between security and freedom. This approach allows the listeners to choose for themselves. “Tin Roof” is a more hard-edged rock treatment of a familiar theme. Twisted just a bit to get a different perspective. It’s a very popular song with Radio Tfsć listeners.

Of the 5-7 songs on the rotation, “White Knuckle Girls” is one of this Artists’ best. And one of the more quirky of the lot. It’s a complicated arrangement with a solid vocal mix and a jazz/rock feel that is catchy and memorable. It deals with the dark, poigniant themes of lonliness and alienation in the modern world.

This Artist has a remarkable, diverse catalog, and is well worth a listen.

Maggie Chernier, Paris 2019

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