Brooklyn Bolero




The clarity of its intimate autobiographical details is irrelevant–what matters is that this album helps you feel the internal struggles of a journeyman songwriter and performer who has generated the groove-grease necessary to shoehorn this collection of songs into a space between Elvis Costello and Tom Petty…where it fits so perfectly, it’s as if it belonged there all along.

He might feel he may not be good enough as a writer, singer and guitar player as he risks presenting such a wonderful, volatile and caustically introspective collection of songs to the world, but the combination of narrative and musical expression shore up a musical flow that’s hook-laden, catchy and delivers a very strong collective message and makes such worry fade away.

The instrumentation and arrangements are traditional at first glance, but the studio tweaks and odd meters produce a stand-alone symmetry that is captivating and compelling.

Recorded in Brooklyn, NY
Studio 17

Engineer: Ted Young
Mastering: Coast Mastering, San Francisco
Engineer: Jessica Thompson
Label/Distribution: Clyde is Thinking
All songs by Eric Sommer
SESAC Nashville / Publisher

Eric Sommer: Guitars, lead vocals
Jimmy Oakley: Bass, vocals
Zach Smith: Percussion


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