Steve Dale Review

Steve Dale | Tall Timber Music Express 7/10/2019

When someone writes a song about those houses with all the falling apart cars in the front yard, I know exactly what they’re talking about.. and so does everyone else, which is what makes this new record so sticky and so appealing. Common themes, expressed with empathy and heart, wrapped up in some remarkable guitar playing and unique arrangements set this new collection apart from the endless stream of nonsense that somehow passes for music these days.

This new record is a studio recording, and features 9 songs as a running commentary on things social, economical and inspirational; in response to turmoil and social dis-engagement, this record ties together many loose ends for Eric Sommer, and delivers a refreshing, vibrant and new perspective on all things musical – from the “tone poem” narrative of “Panic in Passaic” to the straight ahead rock of “Tin Roof”, Eric Sommer has again hit his stride and picked up where Brooklyn Bolero dropped us off – in a chaotic urban jungle of grime, darkness and distress with a light on the next corner which we follow like a beacon of audio salvation and renewal across town…

The superlative guitar twang on “Soldier Bob” reminds listeners that as a guitar player, this artist has just about mastered the fluidity of his craft, switching effortlessly from gritty Telecaster on “Red Queen” from “Rainy Day Karma” to this hell-bent pickin’ twanger with a dark feel and ominous overtones. And that’s just one of nine in this box of musical cyclones – every song is a different wind blowing and presents a different thematic approach with varied instrumentation and arrangements. As with all the material from Eric Sommer: each tune is perfectly crafted and produced.

One thing is for sure after 5 records: Eric Sommer never disappoints.


– Steve Dale | Tall Timber Music Express 7/10/2019 | Seattle WA

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