Chatham Community Library, Eric Sommer, March 17, 3pm

"Singer, Writer... guitar player"

March 17, 2021
3:35 pm
197 NC-87, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Chatham County Library
This is a FREE show, courtesy of Chatham Community Library
Chatham Community Library, Eric Sommer, March 17, 3pm
Eric Sommer


Chatham Community Library hosts music and poetry… and Eric Sommer!

The Virtual Open Mic run by Chatham Community Library is back! And it runs on Wednesday, March 17 starting at 3pm. It will feature poets, writers and musical performances. These are all local artists! This week Eric Sommer will be joining the ensemble, and

Eric will play a few songs at the Chatham Community Library Open Mic! He’ll talk about all the new things happening in Nashville. He may preview songs from the latest release, too. Because that material is off his other records, too. This will include the acoustic open tunings, pop songs, and country slide guitar he does so well.

“Chatham County, y’all are in for a treat! This guy is a Song Crafter, a Poet, an Author and an adventurer and traveler. His songs are filled with visions of bad coffee, wrinkled shirts, broken dreams – and hearts. And, in the same breath, he presents an unshakeable optimism. About the future, while celebrating the present…” Steve Markle, Nashville Skyline. “When y’all are done with him, send him back!”

Eric has won numerous awards in a variety of categories. He took 1st place in the Piedmont Blues Competition. And he went to the International Blues Competition in Memphis, too.


“How do you call this sidekick to unique personalities ranging from Nick Lowe to John Koerner an underachiever? This multi-instrumentalist bad boy could easily be a superstar in his own right…” Midwest Record, Lake Zurich, IL

“Eric Sommer is an astounding guitar player, a virtuoso on acoustic and electric… Eric has worked with everybody who is anybody; His resume’ reads like a musical encyclopedia…” Nashville Music Reviews, Don & Sherry’s Blog

“It’s a wonderful evening whenever Eric Sommer is part of it… Not to be missed!” Austin Record, Steve Barron


CityBeat/Best of Cincinnati

Guitarin’ and Singin’ is what Eric Sommer is all about.

Singer/songwriter Eric Sommer is an unbelievable intersection of improbable influences and experiences channeled into an amazingly diverse catalog and a résumé that reads more like a musical adventure novel than a series of career bullet points.

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