Eric Sommer at Madams Organ • July 8 • 7pm

"North Carolina's Americana Standard"

July 8, 2023
7:00 pm
2461 18th Street NW Washington DC, 20009
Madam's Organ
Eric Sommer at Madams Organ • July 8 • 7pm
Eric Sommer

Eric Sommer is playing at Madam’s Organ on July 8!

Madam’s Organ is a force of nature, a black hole where people vanish into and reappear 5 hours later somewhere in DC… with no recollection as to how they got there.

All human life forms are welcome, and if you are dragging yourself out of the 18th Street Corridor at 7am, just hang out for a few hours, and Bloody Mary’s, Lemon Drops and various forms of beverages will be available to ease that freight train running thru your head… this is the place to cure that fog from the previous evening, as you make room for the one that’s on it’s way!

This is Eric Sommer… doing a solo set of songs and stories pulled from any number of previous releases,

This is Eric Sommer doing a solo set of songs and stories from any number of revious records and releases! The Fabulous Piedmonts are unable to make this Sunday show, but they are back in action the following week!

Open Tunings, and so much more

With open tuning, slide guitar, lap-slap tone guitar, this show is exciting. And a remarkably aggressive fingering style approach makes watching Eric Sommer so fun and crazy! It’ll make you jump out of your seat and holler for joy! There are very few players who have maintained this authentic American style of guitar and Eric Sommer is one of the very best

Studie Burns, Record Round Up, UK


“How do you call this sidekick to unique personalities ranging from Nick Lowe to John Koerner an underachiever? This multi-instrumentalist bad boy could easily be a superstar in his own right…” Midwest Record, Lake Zurich, IL


“Eric Sommer is an astounding guitar player, a virtuoso on acoustic and electric… Eric has worked with everybody who is anybody; His resume’ reads like a musical encyclopedia…” Nashville Music Reviews, Don & Sherry’s Blog


“It’s a wonderful evening whenever Eric Sommer is part of it… Not to be missed!” Austin Record, Steve Barron


CityBeat/Best of Cincinnati

Guitarin’ and Singin’ are what Eric Sommer is all about.

Singer/songwriter Eric Sommer is an unbelievable intersection of improbable influences. That and insane experiences channeled into an amazingly diverse catalog. His is a résumé that reads more like a musical adventure novel than a series of career bullet points.


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