Eric Sommer back with Brenda Lynn, going “Around The Bend”!

"One of the finest guitar players and songwriters in the Land..."

March 29, 2021
2:30 pm
315 West 7th Street Columbia, TN 38401
WKRM Radio
Eric Sommer back with Brenda Lynn, going “Around The Bend”!
Eric Sommer


Around The Bend with Brenda Lynn is a radio program. It is in Columbia, TN and can be found at 103.7FM, Tune in and you’ll see It’s hosted by Brenda Lynn Allen on WKRM Radio. The show is hosted by Brenda Lynn Allen and airs weekdays, 1-4 pm CST.  That’s CT or Nashville Time! And on May 27,it’s  Eric Sommer back with Brenda Lynn!

Eric Sommer will be a guest on Thursday, May 27th at 1:30 pm. Thursday is perfect, and the trouble begins at 1:30 pm!

What’s on the Agenda? We’ll talk about all the new things happening in Nashville, the new YouTube Channel, and the collaboration with “Magic Inca”! We’ll play some of the new material, and talk about the new show dates for the Spring and Summer.

Around The Bend with Brenda Lynn is an established Country Station in Columbia, Tennessee.

“Eric Sommer is a singer, writer and guitar player with a unique style that’s very much his own; it’s guitars – either straight, slide or open-tuned to a variety of tunings – wrapped around songs for people who care about important things that matter: insane ex-girlfriends, wrinkled shirts, failed love, broken hearts, bad coffee, flat tires, gas station hot dogs, dumb pets… and checkout lines”

Steve Marsh, Chicago Tribune


“How do you call this sidekick to unique personalities ranging from Nick Lowe to John Koerner an underachiever? This multi-instrumentalist bad boy could easily be a superstar in his own right…” Midwest Record, Lake Zurich, IL

“Eric Sommer is an astounding guitar player, a virtuoso on acoustic and electric… Eric has worked with everybody who is anybody; His resume’ reads like a musical encyclopedia…” Nashville Music Reviews, Don & Sherry’s Blog

“It’s a wonderful evening whenever Eric Sommer is part of it… Not to be missed!” Austin Record, Steve Barron


CityBeat/Best of Cincinnati

Guitarin’ and Singin’ are what Eric Sommer is all about.

Singer/songwriter Eric Sommer is an unbelievable intersection of improbable influences. That and insane experiences channeled into an amazingly diverse catalog. His ia a résumé that reads more like a musical adventure novel than a series of career bullet points.

“If there’s a place for musical perfection, it’s wherever you’ll find Eric Sommer – A blistering acoustic style plus a variety of slide and open tuning formats will knock you for a loop…” wrote Studdie Burns, New Melody Maker/UK in 2013. “How one guy can do this so well is remarkable, but if you look a little deeper there’s a batch of road miles around this lad… and it all makes sense.” And in the middle of all this, Eric never lost sight. Of his country roots. Around The Bend with Brenda Lynn is part of that celebration!

Eric started his musical career in the Boston area under the eye of legendary promoter Don Law and was onstage at The Paradise Theatre in Boston for a record 40 appearances. He has been a regular player on many national and international tours and showcases, and worked in Europe for two years with Nick Lowe and acts Bram Tchaikovsky and Wreckless Eric; during this period Eric worked on Danish, German, and British rock stages, returned to Boston and formed The Atomics.

As a founding member of Boston’s legendary pop/new wave cult trio “The Atomics”, who toured non-stop with Mission of Burma, Gang of Four, and The Dead Kennedy’s and were on the leading edge of a number of musical transformations, Eric never lost sight of his acoustic roots, returning to his heroes and mentors often: David Bromberg, Steve Howe(YES), Duane Allman(Allman Bros.), Bert Jansch, Davy Graham, Robert Johnson. Mr. Sommer’s current project with power trio “The Solar Flares” shakes up Chet Atkins and David Bromberg’s influences with those of Randy Travis and British Rocker Elvis Costello – a remarkable mix.

He has been on the road, in the studio, on stage, in front of or behind everyone from Jerry Douglas, Leon Redbone, John Mayall, Dr. John to David Bromberg, John Hammond, Jr., Little Feat, Andy McKee, too many to name… but it’s going be here. Around The Bend with Brenda Lynn is bringing it in!

With open tunings, slide guitar, lap-slap tone guitar, and a remarkably aggressive fingering style approach, watching Eric Sommer will make you jump out of your seat and holler for joy! There are very few players who have maintained this authentic American style of guitar and Eric Sommer is one of the very best


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